2021 Fabaf-iff Events


September 23- October 2, 2021

The Rosemary District plus Virtual access!

Performance Art • Dance • Music • Film • & more

Opening Night ART Party

Thursday, September 23, 2021
Downtown Sarasota, Florida

6 PM

Kicking it off with an experience you won’t forget. An opportunity to explore our art installations and enjoy drinks.

Queer Utopia what does that look like to you? Dress up and become a part of an immersive installation experience.

Come out and meet our Board of Directors and the Ambassadors that are helping make this all possible.

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Friday, September 24, 2021
Downtown Sarasota, Florida

8 PM

Movement is beyond an expression within one mind, yet an interpretation of everything within. Culminating our programming to explore all that encompasses dance. 

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All-Day Music & Arts Fest

Saturday, September 25, 2021 | 1250 10th Street The Rosemary District | Downtown Sarasota, Florida

Harvey Milk Festival is evolving and continuing to grow. Join us while we celebrate these amazing performers. Amplifying artists and creating a platform for more visibility, while exploring our programming and how they can intersect. Vendor Market, Food trucks, Fab Bar & Beer Truck.

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September 23- October 2 | Virtual access!

Tickets and film guide, links below:

Official Selection: Short Films 

Official Selection: Feature Films


Weekend DRIVE-IN

September 30 – October 2
1250 10th Street The Rosemary District | Downtown Sarasota, Florida

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Creatives Navigating Mental Health | Music

September 27

Exploring a conversation with creatives about what their process looks like with mental health.

Music can be utilized to regulate mood. Because of its rhythmic and repetitive aspects, music engages the neocortex of our brain, which calms us and reduces impulsivity. We often utilize music to match or alter our mood. While there are benefits to matching music to our mood, it can potentially keep us stuck in a depressive, angry or anxious state. This panel discussion will help us see how each artist navigates their mental health, while inspiring the world.

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In Partnership with Modern Marimba


September 29

OUTSPOKEN! Q+ series featuring spoken word artists in our community. Their work will be displayed for you to explore their words, while we hold space for folx in a time where connection and community are crucial. This will be an experience between the artist and the audience like no other

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