Dganit Ana Greier

(She/Her) Ambassador

Dganit Ana Greier was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. Graduated the Institute of Art in Florence, Italy, and continued my art education in Etchings at Atelier 17, in Paris, France and at the Art Students League in NYC, assisting Prof. Seong Moy.
In Israel, she taught art to children four years old to adults, enriching their technical skills, but most of all, exposing my students to self-search, honesty and courage to express themselves without fears and boundaries. Dganit participated in exhibitions dealing mainly with human rights, greed, hypocrisy, women’s (unheard) voices.
When she needs a break from the cosmic painful issues, she paints poetic and illustrative work, inspired by the written word: verses from The Old Testament and poetry. She recently accomplished 28 paintings of Erotic illustrations to the book of “Bilitis”. Now working on a couple of new projects.
The mediums Dganit works with are acrylics, etchings and ceramics.

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