Matthieu Chin

(HE/HIM) Board Member

Matthieu Chin was born and raised in Kingston Jamaica WI. Coming from a very diverse background and having lived in numerous different cities, Matthieu enjoys immersing himself in different cultures & customs.
From a young age he worked in the family’s liquor and grocery business learning operations, bookkeeping and overall street-smarts. Matthieu migrated to the US at the age of 15.
Growing up in the Caribbean he learned from an early age that “No man is an island!” Simply put, as humans we must care of each other. Family is important but equally important is chosen family. Surrounding one’s self with a genuine community who can share and care for each other deeply.
Matthieu and his rescue pets moved to St Petersburg, FL in 2019. He runs a financial planning & risk management practice with Northwestern Mutual. When away from his business he is passionate about actively uplifting the underserved populous, he is a fierce advocate for human rights, equality and supporting fellow locally owned businesses. When not working in the practice or with nonprofits, Matthieu enjoys traveling, concerts, music, record shopping (audiophile), cuisine, cooking, spending time outdoors, cars, gardening, and entertaining.

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