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Art Submissions

Call to LGBTQ+ Artists: Submit Your Work for “Empowered”

FabARTS-Swamp Yell and SEE Alliance are excited to announce “Empowered,” an upcoming art exhibition celebrating the vibrant creativity of LGBTQ+ artists. We invite artists from all backgrounds and mediums to submit their work for consideration.

“Empowered” seeks to showcase the diverse voices and experiences within the LGBTQ+ community, highlighting the power and resilience found in self-expression and art. We welcome submissions that explore themes of identity, empowerment, love, resilience, and community.

This exhibition aims to create a platform for LGBTQ+ artists to share their stories and perspectives, fostering understanding, empathy, and connection among viewers. Whether you’re an emerging or established artist, we encourage you to submit your work and be a part of this empowering exhibition.


Film Submissions

 We have film submissions open until August 1, 2024

. All film submissions are accepted through Film Freeway.

Band submissions

Shannon Fortner, Programmer

We are always interested in meeting new LGBTQ+ bands. 


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