Short Film: CATBOY

Event Details

Date: September 29 2023
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Burns Court Cinema
Duration: 13 min
Year: 2023
Language: Spain
Director: Cristian Sitjas

Producer: Erika Lust


Cast: Panterino, Javier Des Leon
Genre: short Drama

Country: Spain


Spain| 13  MIN | Short Film

Marc, after receiving several racist and feather-phobic comments from a gay dating app, receives a message from his transexual friend Cacao inviting him to a Ballroom. Marc decides to go, there he is surprised by the freedom and diversity of the environment. Upon reaching the local bar, she exchanges glances with Leo, an attractive boy. After seeing her friend walk, the two have an intimate conversation where Cacao encourages Marc to walk that night. Once the Catboy Sex Siren category arrives, Leo goes for a walk while Marc watches the situation with a mixture of desire and doubt.

Director Biography – Cristian Sitjas

Cristian Sitjas, is a director from Barcelona who developed his professional career in the catalan capital.
In 2015 he had his first contact with the film industry in the
EMAV, through the audiovisual realization degree, where his
script ‘Creatures of the night’ was selected among hundreds of
proposals to produce and distribute it, becoming his first short
film and being broadcasted on the betevé television channel.
In 2018 he decided to study the Art Direction Master at the
ESCAC where he was chosen among his classmates to direct the
final project of the Master ‘The last dinner’.
The experience of being behind the camera led him to be awarded a scholarship by the school to study the Master of Direction the same year. During that period he wrote and directed a total of
three short films: Violet, Placebo and The death of Oso, all of them tutored by the director Sergi Pérez.


Venue Details

Burns Court Cinema Downtown Sarasota 506 Burns Ct, Sarasota, FL 34236

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