FabAF Performing Arts Center

FAB Queer Performing Arts Center (PAC)

Year-round Programming, Education and Advocacy for Beings of all Ages, Ethnicities & Sexualities

Our Mission

To offer LGBTQIA+ artists and community members opportunities through a financially accessible, inclusive performance/education/ space offering innovative, interdisciplinary programming and workshops; and, to promote the well-being of the LGBTQIA artist community through advocacy and friendship. Affirming care through partnership and theatrical exploration.

Fabulous Arts Foundation Performing Arts Center

All of our work culminates in our dream to create Sarasota’s first queer performing arts center where beings of all ages, ethnicities, and sexualities can access year-round programming, education, and advocacy. This will be a healing, performance, educational space for LGBTQIA+ artists and community members to participate in innovative, interdisciplinary programming and workshops while promoting wellness through advocacy and friendship.
The primary function of the center is to provide a space where the Gulf Coast community can come together, celebrate, engage and support emerging LGBTQ+artists. Artists residencies and internships will be a priority for the center. With studio space and rooms offering accessibility for other nonprofits to flourish along with the LGBTQ+ artists that will resonate through the halls. Their work will inspire others to embark on a journey of transformation and resilience.

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