Independent Film Festival — LGBTQ+ Drive-In Series


Our 12th Annual Fabulous Independent Film Festival. This is Sarasota's only LGBTQ+ film festival produced by the Harvey Milk Festival, now known as the Fabulous Arts Foundation.


September 23, 2022 12:00 am

October 1, 2022 12:00 am


Sarasota, FL 34234 United States

Each full-length film is presented once, preceded by a short film, making each screening unique.

We are looking for Fabulous Shorts or Feature-length Films! Your short or feature will set the mood for each audience’s viewing. See below for the rules, and be sure to submit your film by August 17th!

The dates for our two-week festival are 9/22- 10/1. A special selection of films will be in-person as well as special screenings via our channel with Eventive.

Dates & Deadlines

Opening Date
Final Deadline
Notification Date
Event Date

Rules & Terms

Theme: Each short or feature-length film should represent the mission of the Harvey Milk Festival, which is to inspire positive political and social change for the LGBTQ+ community through the arts. The Fabulous Independent Film Festival is a facet of our yearly programming intended to engage emerging artistic talent and bring poignant, humorous, and honest representations of LGBTQ+ individuals to the silver screen.

Length of short: Length of a feature film- no time limit

Screening: Selected films will be shown once.

Format: MP4.

Submission fee: $10

Note: We reserve the right to present the films according to our schedule and available time slots. In no way are we obligated to present any film submitted. All filmmakers will be notified if their film has been accepted by August 30th.

Categories & Fees

LGBTQ+ Shorts
Short 2 to 8-minute Documentary, animation, and work of fiction
  • Final Deadline
  • Standard: $10
  • Student: $5
Shorts or feature films that give visibility to the Trans community
We are trying to give visibility to the Trans community and are focused on screening more films this year to do just that..
  • Final Deadline
  • Standard: $10
  • Student: $5
Queer+ & Trans BIPOC films
Harvey Milk Festival seeks to amplify Queer+ Trans BIPOC voices by adding a series to its film festival in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement.HMF is currently accepting both shorts and feature-length films.
  • Final Deadline
  • Standard: $10
  • Student: $5
LGBTQ+ Feature length films
LGBTQ+ films
  • Final Deadline
  • Standard: $10
  • Student: $5
Queer+ music or dance performances
Queer+ film that inspires. We are looking for music, performance art, dance. Show us what inspires you!
  • Final Deadline
  • Standard: $10
  • Student: $5

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