Grace Korely

Grace Korley (she/her) is an Orlando based fiber artist. Grace has experimented with forms of textile art including knitting, embroidery, and quilting for over 10 years. She began weaving wall tapestries within the last year. Currently completing a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Grace enjoys weaving as a means of creative expression. She is inspired to combine interesting textural combinations and pairings of fibers to create unique pieces of art. With her pieces, she draws upon the visual and tactile senses. Grace is passionate about social justice activism, using art to draw attention to pertinent social and civil rights issues.

Jade Griffin

Jade Griffin is a self-taught artist who is originally from and is currently based in Fort Myers Florida. Jade’s artwork is a reflection of the inner conflicts and struggles she faces every day as a female who is black, masculine-presenting, and in the LGBT community. She expresses her feelings, ideas, and thoughts about gender stereotypes, gender fluidity, expression, and acceptance of oneself.

Twitter – jayy_jjay


Todd Belmont

Todd Belmont Lattuga is an artist from Sarasota, FL. He studied sculpture at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, GA. Todd has an interest in interactive design and installations. He likes to create work that explores how humans connect with themselves and the world.

Kat Stanek

Nonbinary artist and photographer based in Sarasota, Fl. They grew up letting their imagination flow as much as possible. As a child, they were very passionate about drawing, finding photography their sophomore year of high school.

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Looking for beauty everywhere they went, they eventually formed a love for portrait photography. Now their focus is creating art that makes people smile and capturing the joy filled moments for the people around them. Kat loves taking candid photos of people when they are being their truest selves so they can see all the beauty that everyone else sees. It is for that reason that these photos matter more than anything: they show the beauty of the LGBTQ+ community as well as our allies.

Hector Esteban

Born and raised in Sarasotan, Emerging Local Artist and Active member of – Hector has seen this City grow and change, being exposed to Sarasota’s Arts and Culture scene at a young age has truly inspired him to be the bold creator he is today – “Constantly Inspired” is something Hector says often, Having lived in many parts of the United States and most recently in the Hawaiian Islands. He states that living there is where he truly found his artistic drive.

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He struggled finding a medium and style, usually talking to other artists asking how they found themselves creatively. He accepted the fact that he doesnt have just one style of doing art. Everything he’s learned from past teachers, classes and other artists artistic styles have inspired him – He blends different styles when he creates and uses color in such a way that’s Simple but Bold at the same time. Hector will be an Artist In Residence at ART Ovation Hotel May 31st – June 7th with an Artist Reception June 3th @7pm

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