LGBTQ+ Youth Scholarship Program


Working hand in hand with the FabAf’s team, the Intern & Artistic Apprentice will be infused into the day-to-day activities of FabAF. and help with short-term and long-term projects. Intern will gain a knowledge of the business functions of a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and gain a better understanding of how artists must build business skills in order to be marketable in a post-education life.


Assisting with data entry, research, special events, coordination of various projects, working internally, and working externally with the community. A successful candidate will be a self-motivator and happy working independently as well as with a team.


Experience with Microsoft Office, Social Media platforms, Graphic design, and have a desire to learn new programs and web-based platforms.

Artistic Apprentice Component

Intern will have the opportunity to curate their artistic work to be featured in a future FabAF, Inc. event. Intern will work closely with the FabAF, Inc. team to prepare their work and present it in a future event. The FabAF, Inc. team may connect you with professional artists in your field for feedback, coaching, and/or inspiration. Your artistic medium has no restrictions. It can be in film, art, drag, music, dance, or any other form of art you are mastering. Show us your creative talent. We want to see your motivation, drive, and artistic outlet!


Enrolled in College or High School Senior who is 18 or older.


$1,000.00 to be paid upon completion of Internship & Artistic Apprentice Contract.

Application Process

Send a resume and a cover letter alongside a submission of your artistic medium. If you have a portfolio of your work, a website, or any other platform in which you present your art then we want to see it.

Applications should be sent to

Apply here

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