Esther Newton Made Me Gay

ESTHER NEWTON MADE ME GAY explores the life and times of cultural anthropologist Esther Newton. Throughout her career, Esther was a pioneer—questioning and challenging status quo assumptions on gender, sexuality, and anthropological methods. Her work inspired...

We March (Stronger Together)

We March (Stronger Together) is a protest song and music video inspired by an act of senseless homophobia and transphobia. Award-winning singer-songwriter and long-term transgender activist, Ryan Cassata leads the ballad with stories of his personal experience in...


This film is about my life since starting testosterone, the joy and comfort I have felt since then. It is made entirely on fabric, which I have sewn into a quilt.

Queer Bodies

A queer documentary filmmaker explores gender identity and queer bodies through the lives and works of other queer artists.

Gap Year(s)

Gap Year(s) is a mini animation about how sometimes things take a very long time, whether that be getting over a breakup, or making art. As time moves on our own feelings shift and we may no longer feel the way we once...

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