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HMF 1342 17th Street

Sarasota, Florida 34234

+1 941-312-1202

Business hours. 9 am – 5 pm

Partnership:  SFC, Robert Rogers and HMF, Grace Korley 

The Voices of LGBTQ+ Elders

 This community project is a collaboration between Harvey Milk Festival and Sarasota Friendship Center. We seek to showcase the voices of LGBTQ+ elders, and share history that may have been lost throughout the wider LGBTQ+ movement. Criminalization and widespread stigma associated with LGBTQ identities forced many into hiding after World War II. Media and news outlets largely erased our experiences for decades, this was especially true for transgender individuals and people of color. Many risked losing their livelihoods, families, housing, or their lives in the fight to live authentically. We invite community members to share stories, photographs, periodicals, and/ or newsprints of their experience living as an LGBTQ+ individual. We hope to share your story to highlight the resilience we share as a community.
           If interested in participating, please contact Shannon Fortner or Grace Korley. 


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